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Who we are


We are AutoCont IPC a.s. - a company established on the Czech market since 1990. We specialize in the development, production, distribution and refurbishment of industrial computers, components and special industrial IT systems and equipment. Between 1990 and 2007 we belonged to the AutoCont group as an industrial division, from which we subsequently separated and now we operate as an independent joint stock company.

Thanks to many years of experience and our relationship with industry, we are one of the leaders in the field of industrial IT technology on the Czech and Slovak market. Customers who place great trust in our products can be found all over the Europe.

We have our own production facility, which together with our head office forms our main branch in Ostrava. However, you can meet us not only here, but also in our regional offices in Prague and Brno. Thanks to our development and production capacities, we can offer any custom industrial solution that may not be available on the market as standard.

Our history



In Ostrava was founded the AutoCont company. The company focuses on the supply of industrial automation systems (AUTOmatization), special software for control (CONTrol) and visualization of industrial processes. Last but not least, company also manufactures and supplies desktop personal computers, components and accessories.


Founding of AutoCont Control Systems company. The area of activity of AutoCont Control Systems is industrial enterprises. The company supplies industrial automation systems and special software for control and visualization of industrial processes. It thus takes over the industrial portfolio of AutoCont, which now focuses more on personal computers.


AutoCont is the first company in the Czech Republic that introduces and starts selling personal computers with the new PCI bus.


AutoCont enters the Slovak market.


The AutoCont company enters the Polish market.
AutoCont produced approximately 20,000 personal computers with its AC logo in 1995.


AutoCont has already 50 dealerships and service partners in the Czech Republic.


AutoCont splits into AutoCont CZ company and the distribution and manufacturing company AT Computers.


AT Computers has an annual turnover of approximately CZK 1.2 billion (USD 33.7 million). The company has a long-term cooperation with the American company Nematron, for which it provides OEM production of some industrial computers.


One of the new priorities of AutoCont CZ is the outsourcing of IT services for companies and state administration.


AT Computers produces more than 40,000 computers per year.
AutoCont On Line, a member of the AutoCont group, is the winner of a tender to equip thousands of Czech schools with computers and Internet connection. The project is called INDOŠ - or "Internet to Schools".


Consolidated revenues of the entire AutoCont Group for 2002 are more than CZK 6.5 billion (USD 208 million).


AutoCont Group crosses the milestone of 500 permanent employees.


The purely manufacturing company AT Compus is being split off from the distribution company AT Computers.


AutoCont is the most important supplier of information and communication technologies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
AT Computers is one of the largest and most important IT distributors in the Czech and Slovak market.
AT Compus is the largest Czech manufacturer of personal computers and laptops (brands AutoCont, Comfor, Triline, Premio and others).


Some employees of AutoCont Control Systems, which specializes in the manufacture of industrial computers, are transferred to AT Compus. AutoCont Control Systems mainly focuses on industrial automation, data centre, control rooms and robotics.


On April 4th, 2007, the Industrial Computers Division was spun off from the manufacturing company AT Compus as well as from the entire AutoCont Group to form the new joint stock company AutoCont IPC. From AT Compus it takes over, among other things, the key and long-standing OEM customer Nematron.
The IPC in the company name comes from Industrial Personal Computers.
AT Compus now focuses primarily on the manufacture of personal computers.

AutoCont IPC becomes direct distribution channel of ADVANTECH company for the Czech market. AutoCont IPC takes over all activities related to sales, support and service of these products from FUTURE Engineering company, which is discontinuing this activity.
Mr. K.C. Liu, founder of ADVANTECH, now a world leader in intelligent industrial IoT systems, Industry 4.0 and embedded solutions, with annual revenues of around 500 million US dollars, is visiting our company and the Czech Republic itself for the first time on June 20th, 2007.


AutoCont IPC is exhibiting independently for the first time at the international trade fair AMPER. One of the presented products is the durable outdoor information kiosk SCOUT of its own production. This kiosk is installed in front of our headquarters in Ostrava and is in constant operation 24/7/365 to this day.


AutoCont IPC expands its portfolio of industrial monitors and panel PCs with products from Taiwanese manufacturer WINMATE.


AutoCont IPC has started cooperation with the Skoda Auto company, the largest personal car manufacturer in the Czech Republic. To this date, AutoCont IPC has delivered over 700 industrial computers and a number of other technologies to production factories of this major manufacturer.


AutoCont IPC becomes authorized distributor of the ELCOM company for the Czech Republic. Slovak company ELCOM produces popular All-In-One semi-industrial computers UNIQ PC.


This year, AutoCont IPC produced the most industrial computers since its foundation in 2007, 1,675. In addition to manufacturing and distributing industrial computers, the company is also focusing on the upcoming trend of the new industrial revolution known as Industry 4.0.


AutoCont IPC undergoes a complete rebranding and unveils its new logo and website.


AutoCont IPC is organizing an expertise seminar on the topic Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory for its customers. The seminar is being held successively in Ostrava, Prague and Brno.
On 4th April, the company celebrates its 10th anniversary.


AutoCont IPC completes and finishes its rebranding with the launch of a brand new E-shop. The new E-shop is built on modern technologies and provides customers a convenient way to choose the right solution for their industrial applications.


Despite the general drop in demand caused by the coronavirus crisis, AutoCont IPC managed to exceed the magic threshold of CZK 100 million (USD 4.6 million) in turnover again.

What we do


  • Industrial Computers

    Our main activity and specialization is the production and sale of industrial computers. Resistance to vibrations, dust and high operating temperatures allows the use of these computers not only in demanding industrial environments, but also in transport, military, telecommunications, in the IRS and wherever high demands on performance and reliability are placed on computing technology. Every computer that passes through our production undergoes demanding stress tests and thorough output control.

  • Industrial Computers with Display

    All-In-One industrial computers with display are an invaluable instrument in many industries today. They can be used not only to display important production data or processes, but also to control machines and entire production lines or to read data from sensors and transducers. All of this is combined with the comfort of using a touch screen that can be controlled even with rough work gloves. They can easily handle dust, grease, rough handling as well as humidity and high temperatures.

  • Industrial Automation and Data Acquisition

    We offer a range of services in the field of automation, digitization and data collection. From the sale of individual components and elements, through consulting and design activities to project orders with the possibility of complex turnkey delivery. In our offer you will find everything from industrial switches, modems, gateways, media converters, hubs, serial buses, multiport computer cards, external I/O modules, PLC automation and elements for optics, to products for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

  • Industrial Peripherals and Components

    Apart from industrial computers, we also offer various industrial accessories and components. In addition to industrial LCD monitors and displays, which must withstand rough handling and high temperatures, there are also steel and silicon keyboards, computer cases, redundant power supplies, industrial motherboards, SBCs, backplanes and industrial memories and disks. All of these products are designed from the ground up to be manufactured for harsh industrial environments.

  • Rugged Laptops and Tablets

    Some employees need to be mobile and still have access to important data and systems. The solution is to use laptops and tablets. However, for harsh industrial conditions or outdoor environments, ordinary commercial products are not suitable. This is where rugged laptops and tablets come in, with their hardened bodies and higher quality components to withstand harsh conditions such as very low or high temperatures, dust, humidity, rain or rough handling and drops.

  • Information Kiosks

    We have been developing and manufacturing information kiosks for many years. We offer solutions for indoor and outdoor applications. Our customers are city and municipal self-governments, libraries, ZOOs, exhibition centres, showrooms, office buildings, hospitals, shopping centres, as well as manufacturing companies not only in the Czech Republic. The kiosks we offer stand out for their timeless functional design, high vandal resistance, quality finish, premium materials and the possibility of any customization.

  • Medical IT Equipment

    In our portfolio you will also find some devices for medical applications. These include special diagnostic monitors and computers, as well as patient bed-side terminals to increase patient comfort and special antibacterial medical keyboards and mice. A special category is computer tablets that assist the integrated rescue system during rescue operations or are used to perform electronic rounds and support the dispensing of medication to hospitalised patients. Selected devices also have medical certification EN 60601-1.

  • Software Solutions

    Besides manufacturing and distributing industrial computers, components and other industrial hardware, we also focus on the supply and implementation of industrial software solutions. Either our own custom-made solutions or those of our proven and reliable partners. Thanks to this, we can offer you, for example, a complex modular production system, machine monitoring, measurement of various physical variables, localization and tracking of materials, goods or people or complex solutions for information kiosks.